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About EL theory

Becouse nothing else can make your legs and body look like a 12cm high hell and well designed pump.

Becouse it is the magic height in heels.

Able to turn even the most well-trained foot in flats into an object of desire.

Capable of elevating your style and body any day of the hour. From the morning until ... late at night.

Because everyone admires the figure of the woman who walks proudly and confidently in her 12-cm stiletto heels.

After all, many women's shoes are hated by men, but the right heel ... by no one!

Because in EL theory shoes you will find all these features that the right heel should have.

Convenience – Our shoe last has been created with great care by the best professionals so that the height of the heel not to be noticeable and tiring. Moreover, the sole rests on a comforting pad.

Style – Every shoe is designed with love for women. A woman at work, on a date, on her night out.

Quality – Our materials are carefully selected based on their high quality. From their heel, bottom, and sole to high-quality leathers and suedes or luxury satins.

Love – Created with a lot of love by a woman who "sleeps and wakes up" in heels.

Our products

Our shoes are made with passion and lots of love. They are 100% handmade and leather in every part. In special cases, luxury fabrics have been chosen. They have a non-slippery sole and a comfortable cushion.

Our bags are also handmade and with most of them we are trying to create complete looks for your looks. They are 100% handmade by the talented lady Hara and there is not a lot of stock and therefore the delivery time may vary. Depending on the product 5 to 7 days are needed for the bags or the clothes to be prepared and 3 more to be shipped.

Keep in mind that there may be slight differences. Such may be slightly different chains or handles of the bags due to product availability

Delivery costs 

Shipping costs are 5,5€ for purchases under 80 €. Cooperating with one of the best shipping companies we can guarantee delivery in 3 working days.

Free shipping costs for purchses over 399€. Express shipping costs 30€ (3working days) 22€ (9 working days)

Save the shoes 

Please store the shoes separately in the transparent bags to avoid any discoloration of the leathers from other colored fabrics or leathers.

Metal finishes should not get into contact with chemicals, heavy moisture and grass containing fertilizer to prevent oxidation.

The shoes and all our products are 100% handmade with 10% strength in their characteristics.

Greece Our products are entirely made in Greece and are 100% handmade. All our creations have Greek female names!

Eleftheria Davatzi
In love with her work and stylish shoes.